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Students show pride in their school through Clean Up Australia Day Initiative

Garbage Bags Full

Key Points

  • The students of the SLA lead classes from Years 7 and 8 in our Clean Up Australia Day afternoon, making the school sparkling clean for Open Night.
  • All students should be congratulated on their strong efforts and teamwork which helped make the afternoon a success.

In an effort to foster environmental consciousness and promote cleanliness, students and staff of Gymea Technology High School joined hands on the 27th of February for Clean Up Australia Day. This initiative aimed to spruce up the school grounds while also encouraging active contribution to a cleaner environment.

In Period 5 on Tuesday 27th February, students from Years 7 and 8, led by the Student Leadership Assembly (SLA), embarked on a mission to rid the school of litter and debris. From scattered papers to plastic bottles, the students combed through the oval, quad, sporting courts and the school entrance to ensure our school would be left looking spotless for Open Night.

Participating in Clean Up Australia Day allows students to learn about environmental issues firsthand. This opportunity helps them understand the impact of littering and pollution on ecosystems, wildlife, and communities. Through their practical involvement, the students were able to grasp the importance of taking care of their surroundings and the broader environment.

All students who participated should be congratulated on their efforts, as they went above and beyond to look for rubbish, work as a team and show pride in their schooling environment.