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Transition to High School

Preparing for Year 7 2025

Head Start to High School is a transition to high school program that is unique to Gymea Technology High School. For Gymea, it has proven to better prepare students, emotionally, socially and academically for high school, while also building that proud excitement as we begin our partnership in the high school journey of your child.

This year has brought challenges to everyone and as a result of necessary restrictions in schools, we have re-designed the delivery of Head Start to connect with families and students in preparation for a successful start to Year 7. The mode of delivery may come back on site for families this year but the information below identifies the program in a remote context.

The program will be delivered online through a designated site to support our families for our incoming year 7.  You will receive weekly updates to link you into the site to view videos, screencasts, virtual classroom tours as well as imagery to build that familiarity with Gymea to support your child in Year 7.

Head Start to High School In-School Workshops

Subject to restrictions and what is allowed on site, our incoming Year 7 2025 students will have the opportunity to join us for face to face Head Start workshops at school.  For this part of our Head Start program, students will have the opportunity to participate in exciting face to face lessons delivered by our teachers and volunteer students as well as the unique chance to forge new friendships with other Year 7 students starting at Gymea next year.

The program for our Head Start afternoon Workshops for students is outlined below:

Head start workshop for Year 6 students afternoon 1 
Session Lesson description
Maths Maths Jeopardy: Group problem solving challenge –
solve the numeracy brainteasers to win as many points as your team can in 20 minutes.
HSIE History Mystery: Explore historical time periods by piecing together clues to solve the mystery about a historical event.
PDHPE Cooperative Games: Play together as a team in a series
of cooperative, team building challenge games.
Student video messages Our teachers will lead students through an activity that invites them to deliver a video message about themselves and their thoughts of high school.

Head start workshop for Year 6 students afternoon 2 
Session Lesson description

Colour Symbolism: Explore how the use of colour can symbolise emotions and engage in a visual representation activity to convey the emotions they feel about starting high school.


The Pop Test: Gain some hands-on experience in conducting a scientific experiment to look at a chemical reaction.


Space-X Challenge: Work collaboratively alongside your peers to complete a design challenge – a rocket capable of safely returning an astronaut to earth from space.

Student video messages

Our teachers will lead students through an activity that invites them to deliver a video message about themselves and their thoughts of high school.

Weekly Program for Families

  • Introduction 17 September Welcome to our school and Gymea Connect
  • Week 1    5 October  Introducing our Year 7 Advisers
  • Week 2    12 October  Digital Devices for Learning
  • Week 3    19 October Year 7 Curriculum and Learning
  • Week 4    26 October Positive Strategies for Success
  • Week 5    2 November  Innovative Learning Environments
  • Week 6    9  November Student Organisation App – MyGymea
  • Week 7    16 November Get Ready for High School

Weekly Program for Students

For our student program we are using an online platform called Edmodo.  This will be managed and monitored by our Year Advisers, who will be leading your children and learning about them through a variety of activities that include:

  • Virtual classroom involvement and quizzes.

  • Building positive and respectful friendships, including digital citizenship and understanding around Positive Behaviour for Learning.

  • Relevant literacy and numeracy activities.

  • Peer Leading – connecting with peers and our Peer Leaders.

Each week, a different virtual lesson will be posted on the Edmodo site showing what learning is like at Gymea across the different key learning areas:

  • Week 1    5 October  Safety First!
  • Week 2    12 October Ancient Civilisations
  • Week 3    19 October Crack the Code
  • Week 4    26 October Space-X Design Challenge
  • Week 5    2 November  What’s in a Logo?
  • Week 6    9 November Continental Explorers
  • Week 7    16 November Escape VR Detention
  • Week 8    23 November Get Up and Moving
  • Week 9    30 November A look into Past Eras
  • Week 10   7 December Drills and Skills

Students can access the Edmodo site here   They have each been sent their own user name and login which have been sent out to parents by email.  This login also provides students access to our numeracy skills site, Essential Assessment, which is accessed here using the school code 8386.

If they are experiencing difficulty accessing or need their user name and password re-sent, please contact Heather in our office on 9521 3244.