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Uniform – Be prepared for Term 2

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Key Points

  • Year assemblies were delivered by Head Teachers this week reminding all students of the school positive behaviour for learning expectations including our uniform.

  • All students are expected to be in full school uniform and not wear non-uniform items including incorrect jumpers.

  • Head Teachers led students through the warmer options of our uniform as the weather cools down, including our three options for jumpers that can be layered for extra warmth and are readily available from our schools uniform shop. 

As weather becomes cooler, our Head Teachers held year group meetings for our students across years 7 to 10 to provide timely reminders of the school’s uniform policy. Our school is a uniform school, and it is expected that all students wear their full school uniform every day.  

As these winter months hit, there are some items of clothing that can creep in that we have addressed with students through these year meetings, including:

  • All students to wear black leather like shoes
  • If needed, a black school jumper and/or school spray or tracksuit jacket. These two items are purchased directly from the school and do provide the warmth.  Both the jumper and spray jacket can be layered to provide extra warmth on the colder days. 
  • NO hoodies or other non-uniformed jacket or jumpers are permitted.
  • Girls can wear black trouser purchased at Lowes, Kmart and Big W.
  • If wearing under garments, they cannot be seen. Long sleeves cannot be worn underneath a short sleeve shirt unless there is a jumper covering.

All sports uniform items, tracksuits, jumpers and jackets can be purchased here at school at an affordable price.  Our uniform shop is fully stocked ready for Term 2 purchases and operates as not for profit so we can maintain provision of these items at cost price to families.

Our sincere thanks to our parents for your ongoing support with ensuring your child is in their full school uniform each day. Our Head Teachers spoke about the pride it demonstrates to wear our school uniform in support of the wonderful school we enjoy. They also answered students questions to clarify our processes for students who are out of uniform, including the lunch-time and after-school detentions provided that allow repeat offenders time to reflect and plan for a successful way forward.