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National Computer Science School (NCSS) Challenge

Cover Software Engineering Students competing in the NCSS Challenge 2024

Key Points

  • The National Computer Science School (NCSS) Challenge is a programming competition run twice a year, where students across the world learn programming skills, as they progress through the competition solving a wide range of problems.
  • Students from Year 8 G and Y classes and Year 11 Software Engineering will be engaging in weekly challenges, solving a wide range of problems and developing their Python programming and computational thinking skills.

The NCSS Challenge is an online programming competition created and run by the Grok Academy. This competition is an enrichment activity for students in 8TEA1, 8TEA2 and 8TEA3 to extend their learning beyond the classroom and develop their computational thinking skills through the use of the world’s most in demand coding language, Python. The first cohort of the newly developed Year 11 Software Engineering course will also undertake this opportunity to support their learning within the classroom of programming fundamentals and computational thinking skills.

The competition allows students to compete in an online environment and receive feedback on their performance compared to other students across the globe. The NCSS competition is unique, as it not only challenges students to solve problems but also teaches them as they progress through the competition. It also provides access to online tutors where they can receive feedback on their solutions and guidance on how they can improve their Python programming skills.


Students will develop skills to address future career opportunities and gain valuable experience using online tools to complete the challenges and communicate with tutors in real time to receive invaluable feedback and support.  This will help gain individualised information on each student that helps plan and support student engagement and participation in the Software Engineering course and in the Digital Technologies component of the Technology Mandatory course. We look forward to these Year 8 and Year 11 students sharing their knowledge and experiences!