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Anti-Bullying Play for years 9 & 10

24 Mar 2022

Anti-Bullying Play for years 9 and 10

An important aspect of our school’s student wellbeing program is to immerse students in a variety of wellbeing initiatives and activities that cultivate positive and respectful peer relationships, which we know are crucial for building students’ resilience and sense of connection and happiness at school.

On Tuesday 22 March Brainstorm Productions presented their student wellbeing performance ‘Sticks & Stones’ for Year 9 and Year 10. This live theatre experience explores different forms of bullying and aggression, and encourages respect, assertiveness and conflict resolution at school, at home and online. Students are challenged to consider the impact of their behaviour and develop strategies for managing emotions, seeking help, breaking the cycle of aggression and resolving conflict in a positive way.

‘Sticks and Stones’ was well received by students and staff alike, as the issues raised within the production were both realistic and relatable to Year 9 and Year 10. Brainstorm productions have been developed by education and mental health professionals. We have continued to include these engaging theatrical experiences in our student wellbeing curriculum as we have found the clever use of humour, soundscapes and physical theatre really captures students’ attention and deeper engagement with these important issues. Students are inspired to think about how they treat themselves and others, both online and offline, and have those positive discussions about friendship, peer pressure, bullying and mental health.

Congratulations to our students for their excellent behaviour and the mature and respectful way they participated in this activity.

Sticks and Stones Image