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Student Progress Summaries

13 Mar 2022

Student Progress Summaries

We have re-commenced sending out individual student progress summaries detailing important information on the weekly progress of each child. Something that was derived out of remote learning has been re-designed and programmed so that we continue this valuable communication on student learning regularly.

The weekly summaries provide information individualised to each child indicating:

Student engagement in lessons: Teachers give an indication of how well a student is engaged in their learning measured as all the time, most of the time, or some of the time.

Student absences: These provide a record and count of the number of whole and partial day absences providing an overview for both the students and families on the pattern of attendance.

Student assessment progress: As the term and the year progresses we will see those assessments included as they are completed.

Reward points: These points were something that commenced during remote learning in 2021 and are awarded based on the student’s engagement with their learning. These reward points are something that we are hoping to expand on across other areas of school involvement.

Formative homework records: Faculties set weekly and fortnightly formative tasks and mark, provide feedback, and record in a tracker up so that both students and parents can see how students are progressing with their work.

We are consistently evaluating the summaries particularly around the clarity of information and so there will be some minor changes along the way as we continue to send these out this year. There are also a number of other areas of student life at Gymea that we are looking at to include in the summaries and hopefully we are able to include them soon.