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Positive partnerships making a difference

Anna and Zoe

Key Points

  • Our learning and support teachers, Anna Hondronikolas and Zoe Collis, are enjoying wonderful and positive connections with families as they pursue detailed planning to facilitate learning for students with diagnosed disabilities.

  • Connecting teachers with valuable information on students with additional needs helps teachers to know their students better and what works well for them.

  • The learning support team are currently focused on the new students to Gymea to get their planning right and will reach out to our current families throughout the year to ensure we can engage in that valuable evaluation and refinement.

The beginning of the school year has been non-stop for teachers and students as they embed themselves in the routines of school, focused on positive learning. Starting high school comes with its transitional challenges and for some students, individual disabilities compound that challenge. The work that our learning support team undertake and specifically the work of Anna and Zoe, is helping these students make a successful start to high school.

A key ingredient with teaching and learning is knowing each individual student, and with that is knowing what works best for them. The role that Anna and Zoe pursue is in capturing that knowledge from previous schools, from the family, health professionals, and through our own observations and experiences here at Gymea. Our School systems are unique and provide highlighted, digital access to each of our teachers to understand their students with high needs and the special strategies that are going to help support them. It is communicated precisely and directly to the teachers who need to know. The partnership with families in this process is instrumental and the wonderful engagement and connection between our LaST teachers and parents has been tremendous.

As the year progresses, our learning support team will reach out to families of students who have identified high needs. They will share what we currently communicate to teachers, seek feedback and refine as necessary, so that the plan of support is contemporary and beneficial to the student.

Thank you to our families and our Learning Support Team who are working closely to support students with additional learning needs.